About Me

My name is Sean Kirkpatrick, and I started Studio Antipode in March of 2013 as the framework for all of my artistic pursuits.  I have used the moniker of "Antipode" since 2000 and sign all of my pieces with a variation of that name: yes, I got the name from the fire and ice spell in the classic Chronotrigger, a favorite video game from my youth.

I primarily work with graphite drawings and origami.  My drawings tend towards the surreal and fantastic with an emphasis on realism.  My origami designs are abstract and geometric in nature (tessellations and psuedo-tessellations), though I am starting to design figures as well.  I am also creating functional multimedia origami in the form of lamps and am currently honing my woodworking skills to create other types of functional pieces fused with origami.

If you are interested in acquiring originals or commissioning works, contact me at sean@studioantipode.com.  Thanks for visiting!