Still working on a post about the creation of the Abstraction[0] sculpture.  Also, I am making new tessellation lamps.  So many ideas for patterns!  Here are the most recent lamps (Lamp 03 and Lamp 05 are currently available in my etsy shop):
Lamp 03

Lamp 03 - Detail
Lamp 04
Lamp 05

Lamp 05 - Detail

And plenty more new designs to come!  I've been making origami tessellations for almost a year now, and I finally feel like I'm getting an intuitive feel for how all of the folds and flaps interact with one another.  The design process is getting much easier (though I still haven't tried making a crease pattern for any of my designs) and the folding itself feels fluid and natural.  Pretty excited to keep improving upon my processes and start making some higher quality lighting fixtures from scratch.