Start of a new drawing series

Work has begun on a new series of drawings.  There will be five pieces in total, numbered 0-IV to be displayed in a cross formation:


III         0         I


 I-IV shall be 8x10" each and the center will be at least 16x20, though I may go larger.  I've completed the first two drawings.

"III" graphite on paper, 8x10", 2015

"II", graphite on paper, 8x10", 2015

I'm really enjoying working in this style, which is primarily influenced by Mucha, whom I've always admired, but never tried to emulate until now.  After putting my own spin on it, I'm not quite sure how to describe it.  Grotesque Nouveau?  If you have any ideas, let me know, because I'm pretty bad at describing my art to people.

And finally, because I enjoy these quite a bit myself, here are some gifs of II and III in process.