8-Bit Origami Black Mage

For the upcoming Just for Geeks and Giggles show at Fleeting States Gallery next Thursday (June 6th), I created two new origami pieces.  I completed Link last week and yesterday I finished my rendition of Black Mage from Final Fantasy.

8-Bit Origami Black Mage

And as an easy reference, here's the Link that I created.

8-Bit Origami Link

I learned a lot about palette choices from Link and chose a grey Elephant Hide paper to make Black Mage.  It measures 12x16 inches and is 14x18 inches framed.  It's the same width as Link, but has an additional six 'pixel' rows of height.  It's a mix of both shelac-based inks for the colored portions and black liquid acrylic ink for the black portions (because I wanted the black to have a matte finish).  Overall, I think this turned out about a million times better than Link because of the black outlining and proper color contrast.

The next 8-Bit piece that I'm planning will use a 256x256 grid (Link is on a 128x128 grid), which means I'll need bigger paper.  Currently, each grid square is 0.5 cm and going down to 0.25 cm would be.... ridiculous.  Finding a suitably sized piece of the right paper (I'm thinking Elephant Hide is too thick for my next project) is going to be an adventure.  Any ideas where I can get a one meter by one meter sheet of good mulberry or oiled lokta paper?

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