Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an Antipode, even?

A: My artist name, Antipode, literally means "the extreme opposite", so hot and cold are antipodes of one another. For me, it represents the exploration of contrary ideas, the constant pull toward this or that pole in an immensely complex system.  Also, more practically, it represents my many different, seemingly unrelated, artistic pursuits.


Q: What is the deal with that signature?

A: I have two signatures:

For my first mark, I chose something deliberately absurd, an implied hidden truth, but inherently meaningless.  A deep skeptic, I do not believe there to be an inherent meaning 

Nowadays, I use this mark, inspired by my Vietnamese roots. Though my legal name is Sean, many of my relatives call me by Sơn, which translates to "mountain", the symbol "山".  So my mark uses this symbol in a reflective manner, with a dash to indicate polarity.  The i